we've moved! (again)

hello friends.
sorry about the blog flakeage.  i've had a huge revamp in the works, and it's finally here!
check out the new (and significantly more permanent) site:


all kinds of new things await - i am seriously stoked about this website.  we've integrated the photography business, music lessons, and personal blog into one huge mishmash, and added another person, too!
see you there!

jill's a little stressed right now ...

will be back when things calm down.



no uni-tasking project update today - wednesdays are my busy days. :)

(thanks bekah for the awesome cartoon.)

day 2 (butterflies and vin diesel)


installing lightroom.  eating a banana.  got the serial number wrong the first time.  must include "eating bananas while inputting numbers" on my list of inappropriate multi-tasking.  maybe there's something to this ...

well, unitasking has certainly gone well the last hour and a half.  edited a whole folder of photos in lightroom.  of course, that's not really saying anything.  when i get in my photo editing zone, a posse of alien ninjas led by vin diesel could storm the study and i wouldn't notice.


ugh.  double ugh.  i effectively unitasked sleep last night, and i am now multi-tasking getting up and staring into space.  somehow i managed to roll the covers into a perfect cocoon since joel got up.  if i stayed in my cocoon another 3 hours, i would emerge a lovely, energetic butterfly.  as it is, i think i'm still in the melted caterpillar phase.

i've set a timer.  will work on email and nothing but email until it beeps.

score for unitasking.  processed entire inbox. (i was deleting emails from last year...)

another entry for inappropriate multi-tasking: attempting to blow out a candle while brushing one's teeth.  enough said.

driving.  drinking a latte. talking on speakerphone. checking voicemail transcriptions.  but not listening to the radio or checking email!  maybe i should have been a little less specific at the outset. ok, no eating, drinking, phone-ing of any sort, putting on makeup, going through purse, or changing clothes while driving.  sigh.

practicing piano.  not allowed to get up for any reason.  not even to trim my fingernails, which are a half a millimeter past the point where i like them and are bugging me.  i keep my fingernails very short.  arg.

writing this blog.  did you know that multi-tasking wastes the united states 650 million dollars per year (according to the official statistical institute of random number generation, presumably)?

uni-tasking: day 1

is it really still monday?  wow, it's been a long day!

i had an epiphany this week, reading a humor book by a.j. jacobs called, "the guinea pig diaries: my life as an experiment".  i'm withholding judgment on the book until i finish it (a.j. has a tendency to toe the line of propriety at times) so don't go out and buy it and blame me when it gets edgy.

anyhoo, his first experiment is called "the unitasker," which is only a little more awful than it sounds.  a whole nightmare-ish month with no multi-tasking.  no reading while eating, no listening to the radio in the shower, no (gulp) stalking facebook while working, no music during homework, no talking on the phone while cleaning/driving/emailing/you name it.
... hellish.

and then he starts spouting a bunch of statistics about multi-tasking: the human brain functions poorly while multi-tasking, multi-tasking shortcircuits the pathway from short-term memory to long-term memory, a whole flipping lot of studies have proved that multi-tasking makes us dumber, etc, etc, etc.

so, faced with an ever growing, barely shrinking pile of projects that, no matter how much time i spend on them, never seem to show progress, i'm taking the uni-tasking plunge.

let me rephrase that.  i'm gingerly toeing the uni-tasking puddle.  i will still listen to podcasts while cooking and read on my lunch break.  i will still play my "treadmill" playlist at the gym and brew coffee while helping customers at starbucks.  but, for one week, i will not listen to music, click on firefox, or tidy my desk while working on projects.  i will not listen to the radio or check my email while driving.  (don't look at me like that.  texting is illegal.  checking email is perfectly legal ... i think.)

i am writing this whole blog in one sitting, and i am not going to stand up until it's done.  not even to glance at the very loud cat fight right outside my window.  (i've allowed myself to nervously dart my eyes around the room as part of the detox, but that's it.)

my whole uni-tasking thing was going great until joel called me to the living room a couple minutes ago to show me the beautiful sunset.  failure.

maybe that kind of failure's ok, though.  i'll keep y'all updated. ;)

friday inspiration

when is a dirty cup not a dirty cup?  when it's art!

happy weekend!  (and happy birthday to my little brother today.)

adhd random update

in no particular order ...
  • i fell at work today.  falling at 23 is less fun than falling at 3, or even 13.
  • joel turned 31 on tuesday.  he spent it working and studying.
  • why can't all the rooms in my house ever be clean at the same time?
  • i got up at 4:30am on tuesday to wake joel up with a vanilla latte from the new espresso machine i got him, and found out that i had bought the wrong type of espresso pods.  the latte was nasty.
  • but it's the thought that counts ... right?
  • i found the most amazing recipe for banana bread.  i'll post it sometime - seriously, it's worth every bit of those italics.
  • squirrel!
  • i am about 4 weeks behind on photo projects, thanks to a combination of hand overuse and computer issues. :-(
  • just started with a new student who doesn't talk to teachers.  at all.  ever.  i love teaching him.
  • this last sunday was endeavor's first service in our new room, and our 1 year celebration.  we've grown from 15 to around 100 (i think - my math might be off).
  • i'm memorizing psalm 27 these days.  good times.
  • every wednesday we have family night with the guys downstairs and whoever else happens to come.  last night i had just the right amount of soup.  not a spoonful more.
  • my little brother turns 22 tomorrow.  that's just weird.  you'd think i'd be used to it now that he's married, but no.
  • pumpkin spice candles.  the end.